Rental Property Income Calculator

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Property Name: Enter a name or address for this property report.

Purchase Price: The sales price of the property.

Closing Cost: The fees involved in a real estate transaction including lender fees, agent commissions, and other fees.

Repair Cost: The cost of any renovations needed for the property.

Property Units: For multi-unit properties, enter in the total number of units.

Down Payment %: The down payment as a percentage of the purchase price.

Loan Interest Rate %: The mortgage interest rate.

Loan Years: The length of the mortgage in years.

Rental Income: The total rental income for the property.

Misc Income: Any extra income other than the rental income such as parking spaces and laundry.

Property Tax: The yearly property tax.

Insurance: The yearly cost of all insurance including hazard and flood insurance.

Monthly expenses are calculated as a percentage (%) of the total rental income. For example with a $1000 rental income, entering in 5 will be an expense of $50.

Utilities: Any utilities that will be paid by the landlord such as water, electricity, gas or oil.

Vacancy: The estimated expense of loss rental income due to vacancy.

Repairs & Maintenance: Smaller repairs needed to keep a property functioning and habitable. The IRS allows maintenance items to be depreciated all in the same year. Examples: Repairing broken fridge or patching leaky roof.

CapEx: CapEx or Capital Expenditures are larger items that increases the value of the property or extends its life. The IRS requires CapEx to be depreciated over the useful lifetime of the item over multiple years. Examples: Replacing a new fridge or replacing an entire roof.

Property Management: The cost of managing a property.

These fees are a flat dollar amount every month.

HOA Fees: Homeowner's Association Fees that are required by certain types of property such as condominiums.

Misc Expenses: Any other expenses involved with the rental property.